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“Acoustic diamond resonators with ultra-small mode volumes”, Mikołaj K. Schmidt, Christopher G. Poulton, Michael J. Steel, Physical Review Research 2, 033153 (2020). (open acces) arXiv:2003.01834.
we wanted to learn if one can acoustic mode into a subwavelength cavity, as we would in plasmonics; we played around with an acoustic analogue of the lightning rod effect, wrapped our cavity in a phononic crystal, and found modes with non-resonant reduction of mode volumes towards 1e-4 lambda^3! (see blog entry)

“Elastic Purcell effect”, Mikołaj K. Schmidt, Christopher G. Poulton, M.J. Steel, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 064301 (2018).
here we explore a possible analogue of the familiar electromagnetic concept – modification of the energy dissipation rate from a localized, dipolar source
( see blog entry)

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