In early 2017, I moved to Sydney to join researchers from groups of Prof. Mike Steel, Prof. Chris Poulton and Prof. Ben Eggleton – experts in nonlinear integrated optics – and work on designing new structures for stimulated Brillouin scattering. Here are my first contributions to that field:

Several papers on the classical modelling of noise in Brillouin waveguides (see blog post):web

web2“Picosecond acoustic dynamics in stimulated Brillouin scattering”, Johannes Piotrowski, Mikołaj K. Schmidt, Birgit Stiller, Christopher G. Poulton, Michael J. Steel, Optics Letters 46, 2972-2975 (2021)https://arxiv.org/abs/2103.05732 (see blog post)

drawing-1“ARRAW: anti-resonant reflecting acoustic waveguides,” Mikołaj K. Schmidt, Matthew C. O’Brien, Michael J. Steel, Christopher G. Poulton, New Journal of Physics 22, 053011 (2020)arXiv:1909.01632.
we look to we introduce a new type of optoacoustic waveguides, dubbed ARRAWs (Anti‑Resonant Reflecting Acoustic Waveguides), which implement acoustic guidance in multi-layer waveguides planar and cylindrical by engineering anti-reflective cladding layers that suppress the dissipation of acoustic waves (see blog entry)


“Suspended mid-infrared waveguides for Stimulated Brillouin Scattering”, Mikołaj K. Schmidt, Christopher G. Poulton, Goran Z. Mashanovich, Graham T. Reed, Benjamin J. Eggleton, M.J. Steel, arXiv:1811.02749 (2018).
here we design a Si waveguide suspended in air by ribs, which are structured into a 1D phononic crystal with a stopband tuned to the fundamental vibrational mode of the waveguide, mediating forward Brillouin scattering


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