EPS Condensed Matter conference

From 4.09 to 9.09.2016 I’m in Groningen (prononced [ˈɣroːnɪŋə(n)], but you can get away with ‘Hroningen’), Netherlands, attending the EPS Condensed https://i0.wp.com/c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.eps.org/resource/events/20160509_002250_16562.jpgMatter Division conference. I will present the oral contribution on the optomechanical model for the description of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy #SERS. I will post the .pdf with the presentation soon after the conference.

While I don’t have the expertise necessary to appreciate most talks (btw. what happened to the tradition of repetitive introductory slides for the non-experts in the seminar room?!), I was lucky to see numerous talks related to optics and Casimir effect:

1 – Tim Hugo Taminiau from TUDelft gave a great talk on the memory systems in diamonds that can be used to repeatedly transmit information between remote quantum systems,

2 – Martin Siles from University Oldenburg talked about the coherent spatial modulation spectroscopy of single metallic nanoparticles. He show that how the precise temporal control of the coherent light scattered from the particles can be used for very sensitive spectro- and microscopy. Brilliant and very elegant!

3 – There was also a session on the Casimir forces. Ricardo Decca introduced his own work on the very fundamental question – in the calculations of Casimir forces, which necessarily include integrals over ALL frequencies, which model of the dielectric function of metal to use in the small frequencies limit? Seems trivial, right? I also learned from Rene Sedmik that there’s a free software scuff-EM for calculating the Casimir forces for arbitrary systems.

What fun! 🙂


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