Seminars in Warsaw and Torun & trip to Munich (MPQ)

indexDuring my stay at Warsaw University I was invited by my host – Prof. Konrad Banaszek (who, BTW is moving to Center of New Technologies and starting a new project Quantum Optical Communication Systems) to give a seminar on the quantum-mechanical elements of my PhD work. Afterwards, I have had the pleasure to give another seminar (invited by Dr. Karolina Slowik who recently moved back to Torun and brought her expertise on the plasmon/quantum optics interface and starting project

Sorry about using this logo, but I hate the new one!

High enhancement and Interference of Molecular Transitions) on molecular optomechanics at my alma mater – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

I will post the (better) second presentation here soon – unfortunately, there are still things we haven’t published in there yet.

Also, I’m about to visit Alejandro González-Tudela at the Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching near Munich, Germany from (17-20 Jan. 2017). We plan to finish a paper on frequency-resolved two-photon correlations in generic optomechanical systems. Fingers crossed!


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