“Elastic Purcell Effect” in PRL (Editors’ Suggestion)!

In collaboration with Luke Helt, Chris Poulton and Michael Steel we have recently submitted our new manuscript on the elastic analogue of the electromagnetic Purcell factor for review. It has been finally published in Physical Review Letters, and highlighted as an Editors’ Suggestion. You can either read it on the PRL website, or access the arXiv version for free.

In this manuscript we explore a possiblewebsite3 analogue of the familiar electromagnetic concept – modification of the energy dissipation rate from a localized, dipolar source. In our study, the source in given by a localized harmonic force, and the modification of its radiation is governed by an elastic nanoantenna – a small spherical particle positioned near the emitter, and embedded in a different elastic material. We provide a theoretical framework for identifying the quasi-normal modes of the structure, demonstrate the effects in an exemplary system, and discuss the possibility of using this effect for engineering the rates of nonlinear, phonon-mediated optical effects.

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