“ARRAW: Anti-resonant reflecting acoustic waveguides” in New Journal of Physics!

Our struggles with designing new optoacoustic waveguides continue! Our draft, previously published here arxiv:1909.01632, is now published in New Journal of Physics as an open-access publication (click here for the pdf). 


After developing a blueprint for suspended mid-IR waveguide for forward Brillouin scattering, we look to we introduce a new type of optoacoustic waveguides, dubbed ARRAWs (Anti‑Resonant Reflecting Acoustic Waveguides), which implement acoustic guidance in multi-layer waveguides planar and cylindrical by engineering anti-reflective cladding layers that suppress the dissipation of acoustic waves.

This principle was previously embraced in the optical domain and led to the development of the Anti-Resonant Reflecting Optical Waveguides (ARROWs), which are now widely used in biomedical photonic devices.

This work is prepared in collaboration with Matthew O’Brien – brilliant student once at MQ, now at UNSW, Mike Steel at MQ and Chris Poulton at UTS.

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