Intensity correlations in optomechanics in Quantum Science and Technology

UPDATE (13/6/2021): The paper’s now published in Quantum Science and Technology 6, 034005 (2021)

Measuring intensity correlation (g(2)) of light emitted from a quantum system is Quantum Optics 101.

But what if you want to measure intensity correlations within a specific spectral window? Say, to consider correlations between particular transitions within your quantum system?

And what if that quantum system was a nontrivial and nonlinear one, like an optomechanical cavity, which can exhibit both optical Kerr nonlinearity and mutli-phonon transitions?

We try to answer, or at least approach all of this questions in the new manuscript: “Frequency-resolved photon correlations in cavity optomechanics”, arXiv:2009.06216 (2020), co-authored with people who taught me everything I know about classical and quantum nanooptics – Ruben Esteban, Javier Aizpurua, Geza Giedke and Alejandro Gonzalez-Tudela.

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